Our team Obsługa wynajmu mieszkania opieka i kontakt z najemcami - Prodoma
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Our team

Sebastian Milczarek

Rental management advisor, founder, and chairman of Prodoma sp. z o. o. He is responsible for company’s development, acquiring new clients and management of some of the apartments. He also advises Prodoma clients on how to invest in new rental apartments to get maximum profit.

Krzysztof Milczarek

Rental management advisor, company’s handyman and head of our construction team.
His main responsibility is the technical side in managing our rentals. He advises Prodoma clients on renovating their apartments to get maximum effect with minimal investment.

Krzysztof - rental management advisor

Karolina Milczarek

Rental management advisor, photographer, home stager. Thanks to Karolina’s professional photos, videos and descriptions thousands of potential clients, both Polish and foreign, see Prodoma’s apartment offers. This traffic translates to more meetings with prospective tenants and high rate of the average apartment rental.
With an eye for the visual, Karolina is also a talented home stager. She advises our clients on best décor choices. This is her true passion.

Anna Witek

Anna Witek provides comprehensive accounting and tax report services for Prodoma Sp. z o.o. She also helps Prodoma’s clients choose and follow through with the optimal tax plan for their rentals.
Anna Witek works with accounting, finances, controlling and tax reports since 1998. Currently, she is running her own company that provides tax report and accounting services. It is called AP Office Sp. z o.o. Anna has certification from the Ministry of Finances that allows her to use commercially account books numbered 21027/2008. Being an accountant is not only a profession, it’s her calling. She’s able to talk about difficult issues in a simple way and make them comprehensible for everyone.