Interior photography - profesjonalne zdjęcia mieszkania pod wynajem W-wa - Prodoma
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Interior photography

Fotografia wnętrz zdjecia mieszkania pod wynajem

Do you want for your offer to stand out?
To triple its visibility?
Do you want to have proper pictures of your apartment? Pictures you can use for many years?

Use an interior photographer!

What do you gain from professional photos?

  • Stały i pewny dochód wynajmującego mieszkanie


    The money you earn by finding tenants three times faster.

  • Zaoszczędzony czas właściciela wynajmującego mieszkanie


    The time you save from client meetings you don’t need to attend.

  • Profesjonalna fotografia wnętrz mieszkań do wynajęcia


    The possibility of using the photos multiple times (till the next makeover).

  • profesjonalna fotografia mieszkań do wynajmu


    A souvenir to show friends and family.

  • Święty spokój, dzięki wynajętemu mieszkaniu


    A peace of mind when the flat is finally rented.

How much do you invest?

  • 10 pictures

  • PLN399/mo
  • (tax included)
    up to 50 sq. m
  • 15 pictures

  • PLN499/mo
  • (tax included)
    from 60 to 100 sq. m
  • 20 pictures

  • PLN599/mo
  • (tax included)
    apartments and houses over 100 sq. m

Prices negotiable for regular customers such as real estate agents, administrators, and developers.



We know how big a difference good pictures can make when it comes to renting an apartment. That’s why we offer a guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you’ll decide that the pictures don’t meet your expectations or they didn’t at least double your visibility we will reimburse you the full price of the session. And you can do whatever you want with the pictures.
Moreover, if you become our client by entrusting to us the management of at least one apartment you’ll get this professional session free of charge.

Do you have any questions? Please contact our photograph!

Karolina Płochocka, Phone: 507 811 220