Zarządzanie najmem mieszkań, nieruchomości Warszawa - Prodoma
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zarządzanie najmem zalety korzystania z zarządzania nieruchomościami warszawa

Prodoma is a safe rental and real estate management company. We specialize in managing apartments and business locations.


The aim is to make flats rented safety all the year around and investors in all hiring and management process check only transfers for rent.


Our offer is tailored for people who own apartments or business locations in Warsaw. In particular we dedicate our service busy person, outside of Warsaw and begging investors.

Real estate management. What is included in our services?

Home Staging

We help with getting the apartment ready for rental.


We arrange a professional photo-session for the apartment to help your offer stand out.


Rental and signing of the contract.


Drafting a hand-over report including photos and video recordings of the apartment’s condition.

Property insurance

We make sure that the tenant purchases appropriate insurance.


Ensuring the rent is paid in full and on time.


Regular visits to control the cleanness of the apartment.

Cleaning services

We encourage tenants to use the cleaning service provided by Prodoma.


Settling of utility bills and checking the meters.


Small repairs in the apartment, also help with supervising the contractors.

Settling of the deposit

Assessing the state of the apartment and settling of the deposit at the end of the rental.

Legal support

Legal support throughout the duration of the rental.


How does it work?

Do you have an apartment and want to rent it out? But you don’t have a lot of time? Work and family obligations make it impossible for you to meet with prospective tenants and show them the apartment? You don’t want calls at odd hours?


Our system is very transparent. We make money only when you do. For every month of paid rental, we take 9,9 % of the rent. Though not less than 299 zł.

0 zł

to find and vet the tenant

0 zł

to start the contract

0 zł

to care for the apartment during a vacancy

The total cost of the management of the apartment:


of the rent, before taxes.

Minimum 299 zł per month