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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Rental management.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is this service for?
    Our service is for everyone who is lucky enough to own an apartment in Warsaw and wants to rent it out. It will be most helpful to those living outside Warsaw as well as those who want to save time or have no experience with an apartment rental.
  • How are you different from real estate agents?
    Rental management begins where the real estate agent’s work ends. Services of the standard rental agency are limited to finding potential tenants and making sure the contract is signed. At this point the agency’s work is over, leaving the owner to deal with delayed payments, settling of bills, repairs, renovation, neighbor’s or tenant’s complaints, etc.
    Prodoma expanded this standard service to include full care of the property as well as contact with the tenant during the duration of the rental. Now it’s our job to deal with all the problems in the apartment.
  • Prodoma team – who are these people?
    – Rental management advisors whose main goal is to keep the apartments rented, make sure that the rent is paid on time and to solve all problems reported by tenants with minimum cost.
    – Tested estate agencies who work with Prodoma on finding right tenants for the apartments.
    – A tested team of technicians (electricians, plumbers, handymen, construction team) whose services let Prodoma solve quickly and efficiently 99% of all technical difficulties in the apartments under our care.
    – Tested cleaning service that can be used by the tenants thus keeping the apartment in shape.
    – A law firm that helps us with problematic tenants, recovery of overdue rent or payments for damages. Thanks to Prodoma’s fast reactions and legal expertise we manage to resolve most of the crisis situations amicably.
    – Tested insurance companies that help our owners and tenants to choose best solutions that will cover the widest range of damages most likely to occur in the apartments.
    – Tested accounting company that helps Prodoma clients with taxes on their rentals.
  • How long does this contract last?
    Our minimum is 12 month period.
  • When can I terminate the contract?
    At any moment if the flat is uninhabited for longer than 30 days, after the initial 12 month period. Our goal is to do our job well enough that our clients will want to pay us, not bind them with contracts so they have to do it.
  • Do I have a say in selecting tenants for my apartment?
    During the signing of the contract, the owner can decide his tenant preferences. If the prospective tenant fits this profile and meets Prodoma team’s requirements, our employee will contact the owner before final arrangements to get his approval.
  • What are your safeguards against dishonest tenants?
    Thanks to our screening process, properly constructed lease and regular checkups of the apartment Prodoma team manages to solve most of the conflicts amicably. We are also well prepared to take legal steps should the need arise.
  • Where does the rental money go?
    The tenants are expected to transfer the full amount of rent to Prodoma’s account by the 5th of the given month. The company deduces the amount by the administrative rent, bills, and our fee and transfers the final amount to the owner’s account by the 10th of every month. If the owner insists on the payments being made to his personal account first, we can accommodate that arrangement as well.
  • Whose account holds the deposit for the apartment?
    The owner’s account.
  • What happens when a tenant reports a malfunction or a different problem with the apartment?
    Prodoma works with electricians, plumbers, handymen and a construction crew so we can take care of all technical problems quickly and efficiently. Services for Prodoma clients are provided at preferential rates. Usually, the cost of repair is deducted from the next month’s rent.
  • What happens when the tenant floods my apartment or the downstairs neighbours?
    We make sure that our tenants purchase appropriate insurance so the cost of flooding the apartment or the neighbor’s apartment will be covered by it.
  • So I’ve decided to work with Prodoma, what happens now?
    All we need to do now is sign the contract, the power of attorney and transfer the appropriate number of sets of keys.
    To sign the contract an ID or passport (from all of the owners), apartment’s land registration number, bank account number and info on administrative rent, bills for electricity, gas, heating, etc. will be needed. This is time to set the minimal rent amount (if it wasn’t decided before).
    With the signed contract, power of attorney and keys we begin our work. It usually takes about a month of intensive marketing, cooperation with real estate agencies and research.
    When we find an appropriate tenant we sign the lease, prepare a hand-over report and transfer the keys to the tenant, keeping one set for emergencies. The tenant is obliged to transfer that month’s rent and the deposit to the company’s account. We then transfer the funds to your account. From the start of the lease we monitor all payments, fix technical problems, control the state of the apartment and are available to tenants should they need anything.
  • I’m currently at the renovation stage. Can you advise me on how to modify the apartment and how to furnish it so I can make the most of its rental?
    Certainly. Moreover, such consultation is free of charge and we encourage the owners to use it (or consult other, experienced investors) before they invest money in renovations or furnishings. Many problems with rental are directly connected with wrong decisions while renovating. We are happy to share our knowledge so that your offer will meet the tenant’s expectations and needs.
  • Do you deal with the short-term rental?
    No, we don’t deal with short-term rentals and the minimum duration of our lease is 12 months.
  • How much does your service cost?
    Prodoma’s commission is very transparent. We earn only while you do too. For every month of paid rental, we take 10% of the total amount (before taxes) but not less than 300 zł per month.
  • Do you work with apartments that rent separate rooms, what is the average rental period and how much does it cost?
    Yes, we deal with apartments that rent separate rooms. We sign the contract with the owner for a minimum of 12 months. Handling of a single room costs 200 zł for every month of paid rental.
  • Can I use your services if I live permanently outside Warsaw or abroad?
    Certainly. Our offer is aimed at owners who live outside of Warsaw. If for any reason you are not able to sign the contract personally, all the formalities can be completed online and keys sent by messenger or we can pick them up from a location of your choosing.