Sprawdzony wzór umowy najmu mieszkania, lokalu użytkowego - Prodoma
Sprawdzony precyzyjny wzór umowy najmu mieszkania, nieruchomości, którym posługują się profesjonalne firmy zarządzające najmem lub biura nieruchomości
Wzór umowy najmu
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Apartment’s tenancy agreement template

Wzor umowy najmu

Searching for tested tenancy agreement template?
Want to protect yourself against dishonest tenants?
Don’t want to spend several thousands of złoty on a tenancy agreement drawn by an attorney?

Use Prodoma’s tenancy agreement template!

What do you gain from using Prodoma’s tenancy agreement template?

Tested tenancy agreement template that will enable you to protect your interests against a dishonest tenant, even in court.

A lot of time you would spend on drafting the agreement yourself.

3-4 thousand złoty you would spend on an individual agreement drafted by an attorney.

You can use the same agreement for multiple tenants.

If the tenant sees that you know what you’re doing, they will treat you with respect from the start. This will help you avoid problems in the future.

Use of an agreement template, used by professionals such as real estate agencies and rental companies.

A test for prospective tenants as those with bad intentions will want to avoid signing a properly drafted lease.

Peace of mind during the tenancy and less hustle from tenants who know exactly what your responsibilities are.

Tenancy agreement template. How much do you invest?


zł (including taxes) – agreement in English

If you become our client and trust us with a rental of at least one apartment, you’ll get a full refund for this purchase.